Membership Perks

What do I get?

  • Exclusive partner discounts (student savings yaas!)
  • Discounted SLAYA event tickets
  • International student support
  • Monthly newsletters with early event releases
  • Bonus competition entries
  • Network expansion

… all while assisting worthwhile charities!


1) I’m not in University.  Am I still allowed to purchase a membership?

Yes!  Our association is not limited to university students only, our target age group is youth (17 – 24 year olds), therefore studying is not a membership requirement.

2) I’m not Sri Lankan.  Can I still join your association?

YES.  SLAYA values inclusivity and diversity, we strongly encourage those of other backgrounds to join us.

3) How long is my membership valid for?

Memberships are only valid for a year – therefore it is necessary to renew them on an annual basis.  All 2019 memberships will expire on the 16/02/2020.

4) What are the discounts on offer for 2019?

View the full list of partner discounts here.