Our Leadership Model

The Social Change Model of Leadership Development (SCM) encompasses the combination of leadership and service to enact positive, social change within a community.

Some key concepts include the understanding that all participants have the potential to be leaders (not just those with formal leadership positions) and that leadership is collaborative.

SCM is a three-pronged value approach with regards to the following areas – the individual, the group and the society.  These components are defined in the diagram on the right.

Source: Astin, Helen S. and Alexander W. Astin. A Social Change Model of Leadership Development Guidebook Version III. The National Clearinghouse of Leadership Programs, 1996.


Meet Our Team

Our leadership team typically consists of around 15 – 20 students each year, working diligently on a daily basis to ensure the association operates as smooth as possible.

On an individual level, these students are provided with the opportunity to develop their self-awareness and voice their opinion amongst the wider community.

On a group level, they are provided with the means to enhance their teamwork, conflict management, communication and event management skills throughout the course of the year by participating in university-run workshops.  Moreover, they are able to further develop their leadership capabilities and gain invaluable hands-on experience.

On a societal level, these students are able to make a positive social impact through their work, which is directed towards advocating change in Australia and Sri Lanka.

Back Row (L-R): Mevan Fernando, Vibhuthi Wickramaratne, Charles James, Ravindu Jayasena
Middle Row (L-R): Devyansh Singh, Arijana Jumar, Piyumi Welgama, Divita Singh, Priyanka Ganeson-Hands, Anushan Jeyachandran, Danushan Jeyachandran, Maya Nair
Front Row (L-R): Supuni Sirisena Arachchi, Vihanga Akash Silva, Emily Carvalho

Team Roles

Overall Executives

Prashanthi Jeyaramn

Studying at: Curtin University – Speech Pathology

Fun Fact: I have a rectangle thumb 🥳

Saivaasan Ravichandran

Studying at: Curtin University – Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

Fun Fact: Only three mammals can lay eggs 🥚

Haritha Ranaweera

Studying at: Curtin University – Chemical Engineering

Fun Fact: Lemons aren’t naturally occurring, they are man-made hybrid by crossing a citron and bitter orange 🍋

Maya Nair

Studying at: Curtin University – Bachelor of Commerce

Fun Fact: I play badminton 🏸

University Executives

Ann Sajan
Curtin President

Studying at: Curtin University – Physiotherapy

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with animals, especially dogs ✨

Melvin Tom
Curtin Vice-President

Studying at: Curtin University – Bachelor Double Degree (Law and Commerce)

Fun Fact: I can speak Gaelic 🤩

Nivin Kumarapeli
UWA President

Studying at: University of Western Australia (UWA) – Medicine

Fun Fact: I peaked in middle school 😎

Directors & Mentor(s)

Ashna Rajendra
Human Resources & Events

Studying at: Notre Dame – Physiotherapy

Fun Fact: I broke my ankle twice tripping over a brick

Manula Rajakaruna
International Representative

Studying at: Curtin University – Information System

Fun Fact:  When life gives me lemons, I give it back and ask for papadum

Anya Constantine

Studied/Working at: University of Western Australia (UWA) – Communication, Media Studies & Marketing

Fun Fact: Siamese fighters are life

Arijana Jumar
Ball Director

Studying/Working at: University of Western Australia (UWA) – Business Law and Gender Studies

Fun Fact:  Once I met Djokovic and he told me to never quit tennis and aim for the stars…and then I quit tennis the next month

Vaidehi Sidharth

Studying at: Curtin University – Psychology and Marketing

Fun Fact: Elephants can’t jump

Dulash Sahiru
Sports Director

Studying at: Curtin University – Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) 

Fun Fact: I’m scared of balloons


Maddie Wickramage

Studying at: The University of Western Australia (UWA) – Medical Sciences

Fun Fact: I've had four pets named Tommy (my family wasn't too creative)

Supuni Sirisena Arachchi

Working at: Waitstaff in banquet at Crown

Fun Fact: I love to dance 💃🏽

Eshani Perera

Studying at: Curtin University - Bachelor of Psychology 

Fun Fact: All colours of fruit loop have the same flavour

Senera Senanayake

Studying at: 

Fun Fact: 

Kavindya Balasuriya

Studying at: 

Fun Fact: 

Wijini Daluwatta

Studying at: 

Fun Fact: 

Piyumi Welgama

Studying at: Curtin University - Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy)

Fun Fact: Bubble tea lover

Priyanka Ganeson-Hands

Studying at: The University of Western Australia (UWA) - Master of Data Science

Fun Fact: Has a dog called Fudge 

Vibhuthi Wickramage

Studying at: UWA – Master of Professional Engineering (Electrical and Electronic)

Fun Fact: I have seen whales while scuba diving at Rottnest

Honourable Mentions

Our work over the years would not have been possible without the multitude of individuals who have assisted us.  These individuals have invested a countless number of hours during their period of service and we would like to acknowledge them for going above and beyond to ensure the survival of our association since conception.  For this we remain eternally grateful.

  • Gnaneeka Kodagoda (LYS Founder & President 09 – 14)
  • Naveeshan Xavier (Co-President 15 – 16; Resident DJ 15 – 18)
  • Venuri Lisboa-Pinto (Co-President 15 – 16; OCM 17 – 18)
  • Mokshya Balage (Social Media)
  • Himesha Seneviratne
  • Hirushi Pathirana (Co-President 18)
  • Aarahnan Raguragavan 
  • Nevin Jayawardena
  • Sharankan Namasivayam
  • Ridma Ratnakele
  • Kalpanie Fernando

Want To Join Our Team?

Leadership Team Perks

✨ Invaluable Leadership Skills

✨ Event Management Skills

✨ Strengthened Interpersonal Skills (such as Communication, Time Management & more)

✨ Increased Networking Opportunities

✨ Professional Development Opportunities

✨ Recognition at your University (such as Curtin’s Extra Certificate)

✨ Making New Friends from a Similar Background

Our Ideal Candidates

✨ Creative, diligent, conscientious people

✨ Genuine interest in helping our club achieve its goals

✨ People willing to learn new things

✨ People with a passion for Sri Lankan culture and/or supporting charitable work (you don’t necessarily have to be in University)

Our leadership team intake for the year happens between February to March via Google Forms.  Make sure to follow us on social media to keep an eye out for application forms!

Applications OPEN: 9:00 AM, 4/02/19

Applications CLOSE: 11:59 PM, 1/03/19


"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted." - Aesop

The above quote succinctly conveys how the work undertaken by our youth leaders has a triple benefit, in line with the SCM.