Our History

Vanakkam! Ayubowan!

The Sri Lankan Australian Youth Association (SLAYA) is a student-run, not-for-profit organisation based in Perth, Western Australia.

SLAYA was initially formed in  2010 as a place for Sri Lankan high-school students to socialise, but in 2015 it combined forces with the Lankan Youth Society (LYS) to become a tertiary-based association.

It now provides a platform for Sri Lankan culture to be showcased in WA and introduce Sri Lanka’s vibrantly diverse culture and heritage amongst the youth.  

Our association enables our members to transition more easily into Australian society by developing support networks with each other.  We strive to make an impact within the wider community through sharing our time, skills and heritage.

Our target audience is primarily youth with a passion for Sri Lankan culture and/or supporting charitable work. However, we welcome everyone to join us regardless of background as  we embrace and celebrate all cultures to drive the notion of peace and unity under the one flag.

Our Charities

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